DECUBE S.A. an investment policy is the key to its growth

The DECUBE Group has been active since 2004 through 6 subsidiaries operating in technical and industrial sectors including engineering, assembly and industrial painting. Since it was set up, this dynamic group has achieved considerable growth and carried out some prestigious projects, such as the renovation of the Atomium. The DECUBE Group employs over 350 people.

« Without the support of IMBC, my group would certainly not have recorded the levels of growth it has experienced. Through its assistance, IMBC provided leverage in conjunction with other organisations », Damien de Dorlodot, Managing Director.

A holding group established in 2004, in that same year DECUBE bought out Monnaie, a company specialising in surface treatment and industrial painting from the Fabricom Group. IMBC provided assistance alongside a bank to financially support this share buyout.

This first new addition to the DECUBE Group marked the start of a series of buyouts of other companies, always with the support of IMBC throughout the course of the long and sometimes delicate processes requiring the sharing of expertise in close collaboration, absolute confidentiality and an environment of mutual trust.

Year-on-year growth

Since then, DECUBE has continued its investments on an almost annual basis. They have included not only external growth, but also internal growth by investing in capital goods, the construction of a 4,000 m² building, and the purchase of land and buildings.

« I always consult IMBC, which plays a crucial active role in setting up the various projects. In doing so, we have developed a relationship of mutual trust for the long term » emphasises Damien de Dorlodot.

And lastly, IMBC has also proven its role in support of innovation by assisting DECUBE in implementing an ambitious integration environmental project. Almost 2,000 m² of photovoltaic panels were installed at the Monnaie site, enabling it to become the first business in Wallonia to fulfil 40% of its own energy requirements.