What do we do ?

IMBC is a source of equity financing supporting the growth, set-up, development and industrial conversion of SMEs.

IMBC agrees with you a tailored financial arrangement in line with the business’s core goals and requirements.

Why work with us ?

A leading local player, IMBC is a trusted partner that works closely with SMEs. We offer a fast and direct response, at every stage of the process.
Through our tailored approach and our expertise, we provide financing solutions that only require minimal guarantees and offer leverage in conjunction with other partners.

IMBC is a long-term partner offering short, medium or long-term arrangements, either one-off or as part of a series, according to your business’s needs.

Our tool is fast, flexible and scalable.

We also play an important role in putting SMEs in contact with other socio-economic players.


What types of financing ?

The core of our financing tools are equity-based. They consist primarily of subordinated loans and, to a lesser extent, of acquiring minority stakes. Their aim is to strengthen the business’s solvency and consolidate its financial structure while also respecting the owner’s independence.

We can also assist in the form of short, medium or long-term loans, guaranteed or unguaranteed, financial leasing, or fixed-term loans.

The IMBC Group is a source of financing alternative to or in addition to any other financial organisation.

The group can assist an SME either :

  • alone, alongside the business;
  • in partnership with any type of financing: bank (traditional, mezzanine finance, etc.), equity (venture capitalist, business angel, etc.), mixed or public tools, etc.