ALYSSE FOOD S.A.: Healthy growth and numerous expansions year after year.

Since 1995, Alysse Food has been manufacturing and distributing American-inspired bakery produce (bagels, muffins, brownies, cupcakes, etc.) for the catering, retail and bakery sectors. Based in Seneffe, the company has experienced annual growth in 2 of its figures: it now achieves a turnover of €40 million and it employs just over 200 people.

« IMBC is much more than just a money lender. The relationship is based above all on considering and approving applications by taking an approach of efficiency and sustainability », Samuel Kupchik, Founder and Managing Director.

Having been established in Brussels in 1995, Alysse Food then invested in the construction of a more ambitious building in Seneffe in 1998. It was then that the relationship with IMBC was begun, alongside a bank to finance this set-up project.

Since then, year after year the company has not stopped investing, via a balance of assistance from IMBC, banks and injection of its equity capital, in order to adapt its buildings and production tools.

This strategy has led to several extensions to the buildings, as well as providing the business with efficient production lines enabling them to meet the growing demand in both the Belgian and export markets. 85% of their business is for export.

In 2012, Alysse Food once again began work on the construction of a new building adjacent to the original one, followed by the purchase of production lines which were made operational in 2014.

« The discussions with IMBC differ from those with banks because they are based above all on excellent relationships of trust which are forged over the course of time. They keep both themselves and us informed about the various options for creating value » explains Samuel Kupchik.

At the present time, Alysse Food is a major employment provider and the company’s reputation extends well beyond our borders.