Jeunes Affineurs Fromagers: Traditional cheese-making skills handed down from father to son

Over a period of more than 30 years, the family business Jeunes Affineurs Fromagers S.A. has established a presence in its market through a strategy of developing local trade.

« In IMBC, we found a partner that immersed itself in our philosophy and our way of working. We were greeted with understanding, trust and goodwill when we set out to develop our project », Jacquy Cange, Founder and Managing Director.

In 1985, Jacquy Cange opened a cheese ripening workshop in Stambruges. His original creations and outstanding skills soon made him a leader in his market. His wife and young son Nicolas then joined the business to support him in distributing his artisan produce to cheese shops, hotels, restaurants and cafés, as well as via a point of sale at the workshop and a presence at local markets.
A few years ago, with IMBC’s support adding leverage to the local economy, Jacquy Cange took on a commercial unit in the city centre of Mons.


Developing a new distribution strategy

This acquisition laid the ground for reflection by father and son on the strategy for developing this family business, which now seeks to expand to new regions through a weekly presence at new artisan food and drink markets. IMBC therefore helped again, this time in the acquisition of a van and trailer.
Today, the company has been able to consolidate its assets and is looking to the future with confidence.