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IMBC is a financial partner to SMEs both large and small, and sole traders. Whether your business is from a « traditional », « original » or « niche » sector, whether it’s artisan or industrial, with a family or mixed shareholder structure, in set-up or growth phase, whether it’s a spin-off or a spin-out, or whether you’re looking to set up independent operations abroad, your projects will benefit from our full attention.

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Your needs

Depending on your needs and your business’s level of maturity: set-up, internal and/or external growth, development of synergies, R&D, exportation, acquisition of companies or assets, transmission, industrial conversion, set-up of regional operations, etc., we can offer solutions to finance your tangible or intangible investments and to improve your working capital. In the framework of a partnership, we can participate on numerous occasions throughout your business’s life cycle.

Your business

From start-ups to large industrial SMEs, taking in artisan’s workshops and small family organisations, when your business undertakes a value-creation project that requires financing, IMBC is the partner for your success.

Your business sector

IMBC finances businesses that operate in a very wide range of sectors : agri-food, ecology and environment, culture and tourism, transport, logistics and handling, chemicals and biotechnology, services and consultancy, high technology, general businesses and civil engineering, wholesale, manufacturing of machinery and capital goods, production of consumer goods, stone industry, etc., as well as any other niche activity, B to B, and B to C.

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We work with a great many businesses. Each project is unique and therefore requires a meeting so that we can decide together to what extent and in what form we can respond to your needs. Our management team will help you, leading to a tailored financial arrangement.

73% of SMEs in the region where we are based have used the services of IMBC.