D-TEK: A niche exporter

Established in 1995, D-TEK is a biotechnology company specialising in the development and production of diagnostic kits for autoimmune diseases. As a growing niche company, D-TEK invests continually in R&D to ensure it stays competitive in a market characterised by constant technical development.

“Demonstrating real professional ethics, IMBC respects our company’s development and philosophy. They support us in each crucial phase of our growth, through both investment and sound advice”  Alain Vigneron, Founder and Managing Director.

In 1995, D-TEK launched in the field of an emerging technology which made it possible to improve the diagnosis of autoimmune diseases.  The business then approached IMBC to obtain the funds they needed to support their R&D projects. Until 2007, D-TEK showed very promising growth and success, each year conquering new export markets thanks to their continually expanding product catalogue.

Investing to support growth

In 2008, in an environment of increasing competition and rapid technological development, D-TEK found itself facing major challenges that required a series of financial arrangements in order to hire staff for new teams, invest in R&D for the development and production of new technologies, construct a more spacious building which would fulfil the sector’s standards, and execute a management buy-out to retain control of the company following the departure of a partner. To cope with this period of debt which was necessary in order to ensure the business’s future, D-TEK called on the services of IMBC on several occasions in a framework of long-term partnership and value creation.

“IMBC placed their trust in us, whereas traditional backers don’t always fully understand our sector. We have established a close collaboration which has more of the quality of a partnership than a strictly financial relationship,” says Alain Vigneron.

IMBC also played a critical role as consultant and coordinator to put together a well-balanced financing plan involving the various participants, including banks and other investment organisations.

Thanks to this synergy, D-TEK was able to navigate these crucial phases successfully. Since 2008, the business has doubled both its turnover and its staff, and continues to grow in the international markets.