OPTEC: The latest technology exported throughout the world

For 25 years now, Optec has been developing manufacturing and selling laser micromachining machines incorporating the latest technology. Optec is a growing business and distributes its solutions beyond Europe’s borders.

 « More than just financing projects, IMBC is a facilitator and has proven itself to be a long-term partner, with the drive to create opportunities, support businesses and increase employment », Laurent Marin, director.

Established in 1991 at the sole initiative of former employees of the bankrupt company Label, which was a spin-off from the University of Mons, Optec soon experienced healthy growth and its founders have always made it a point of honour to manage each new step with prudence. In 2001, the company approached IMBC about the construction of a building that would be capable of accommodating the technologies used, as well as a team that was still being put together. Having previously supported a project by Label, which was subsequently stopped by that company’s shareholders, IMBC again responded positively to Optec’s first request for financing, provided alongside a banking organisation. And so the first collaboration began. In 2005, Optec began a project to expand its operational base, and this was also supported by IMBC.

Anticipating technological developments

To respond to the growing demands of the market and offer a new type of technology, investments in R&D were needed. IMBC provided financial support for the project, as well as playing a consultancy role and initiating other leads for help with investment.

As it was working increasingly with the medical sector, Optec found itself obliged to invest in a new building in order to meet the sector’s strict standards, including the installation of a clean room. Naturally, Optec approached IMBC, which participated alongside a bank to support the business in this new stage in its development.

Optec appreciates the flexibility of the relationship that has been established and of the dialogue that has been built up over the course of time with IMBC. Value creation and introductions to economic players, such as organisations promoting exportation, support Optec in its strategy to invest in the latest technological developments.