Brasserie Saint-Feuillien S.A.: A classic Belgian story

Brasserie Saint-Feuillien is an independent family-run brewery which was established in 1873 and forms part of the region’s craft heritage. Its beers regularly win awards and are enjoyed far and wide, well beyond Belgium.

 « As well as its investment support, IMBC takes a technical look at the business’s sector. This expertise undoubtedly brings great added value to their assistance », Dominique Friart, Managing Director.

 A brewer of high-quality craft beers since 1873, Brasserie Saint-Feuillien has been headed by the Friart family for 4 generations. Today, the business can take pride in having become one of the top 5 breweries in Wallonia, as well as the achievement that more than 40% of its production is now bound for the export market.

The brewery owes its success to a good policy for financing its growth, as well as the modernisation of its production equipment.  Considering the scale of the investments needed, the business has worked with a number of financial organisations including IMBC, whom it first contacted a decade ago.

Boosting growth

The last 10 years have been marked by crucial stages in the business’s life, such as construction work to expand the production site in 2008 and 2012, and the installation of a new ultra-efficient automated brewhouse in 2013, which gave Brasserie St-Feuillien the capacity to triple its production.

At each of these stages, IMBC proved itself to be a partner working alongside the brewery, as well as offering leverage in conjunction with other financial organisations.

« Even though it was important for us to diversify our sources of financing, we have appreciated the continuity of the relationship with IMBC, which has enabled us to build a relationship of trust and mutual understanding, in turn strengthened by a policy of transparency  » emphasises Dominique Friart.

Now, Brasserie St-Feuillien has won significant market shares abroad, and some of its products have won international awards.